The trails at Blankets Creek in Canton, Georgia

Thinking of getting into mountain biking? Blankets Creek trail system has roughly 18 miles of single track with features for every type of rider and skill level.

Saturday February 9, 2019

Trent and I usually come to Blankets Creek to ride because it is not too far from our house. It is located in the north side of Atlanta, in Canton Georgia. It was the very first trail system I came to when I started mountain biking. There were many good reasons for this.

Besides being close to our house, the trail system offers a variety of mountain biking trails that will appeal to everyone, from experts to beginners.

Mosquito Bite and Mosquito Flat Trails

If you are a beginner or you want to train your kids to ride a bike, these are good trails to start on. On that day, we met with our little friend, Scarlett. She was only 5 years old and she was killing it! The trails are not totally flat, but they also offer some features like a bridge and some small creek crossing.

A wooden bridge on Mosquito Bite
Creek Crossing on Mosquito Bite

If you’re parents who love to ride, this is a good place for you to come. Take turns with your spouse to ride with your kid(s) on these trails while the other can go and catch some air on more advanced trails.

Dwelling Loop

Dwelling Loop is a fun trail and stepping up from a beginner trail. I personally think that this trail is the most flowy trail.

Entrance to Dwelling Trail

On this trail, you have many different options on how you want to ride it. You can do a half Dwelling loop, do a full main loop, or session the two new flow lines at the bench by using the new shortcut trails back up! There are also advanced or intermediate routes you can choose along the trail.

Dwelling Loop at Blankets Creek
Alternative Routes at Dwelling Loop

What we like to do? We like to get on the main loop, cut off on a split to the flow trails, do both flow trails, and come back out on Dwelling half loop to get back to the trailhead. We think it is currently the most fun route.

Dwelling Flow Trail

South Loop

Oh… I remember taking this loop when I first learned how to mountain bike and it was a challenging trail for me. Trent always says that this trail is more of an old school mountain bike trail. Most of the mountain bike trails these days are built to be more flowy. If you like more technical trails and don’t mind to climb some hills, this trail is right for you. I think this trail is the most scenic trail in Blankets.

South Loop at Blankets Creek
Ladies at South Loop
Scenic View at South Loop

Van Michael Trail

Van Michael Trail is another fun trail. It is a technical and flowy trail. They have recently added many more drops, jumps and berms to make the trail super fun. With mountain biking, we know there is always a price to pay for the fun. Trent and I both got hurt several times on this trail and it never stops us from going there.

 A drop on Van Michael Trail
A berm on Van Michael Trail
A bridge on Van Michael

Quell Holler

Quell Holler (aka The Holler) is like a skateboard park for mountain bikers. You will see a lot of young and skillful mountain bikers come here to practice their skills. Even if you do not want to ride there, it is always fun to watch people riding there.

A wooden bridge at The Holler
The Holler Berms
Wall Ride on The Holler

Trent and I are always thankful of our biking community like SORBA (Southern Off-road Bicycle Association) for what they have done. We won’t have this much fun without them. Thank you to SORBA Woodstock¬†and all of the volunteers who contribute to this rad trail system!

Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.

Howard Zinn

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