Mountain Bike Repair Hacks with a Safety Pin in DuPont State Park, North Carolina

With mountain biking, you really need to expect the unexpected!

Mountain Bike Repair Field Test on Saturday

We got to Blue Ridge Parkway at 1.30 am of Saturday (as usual) and car camped. The next day or actually on the same day, Trent needed to get a new pair of mountain bike shoes, so we stopped to get them at Sycamore Cycles in Brevard, North Carolina. We like this bike shop. Staff here are friendly and knowledgeable. Then we headed to DuPont State Forest and started our ride at 11.40 am.

Corn Mill Shoals, Little River, Cedar Rock, Big Rock, and Burnt Mountain Trails (Figure – 8) | Dupont State Forest, NC

Burnt Mtn. / Cedar Rock Big Rock Figure-Eight

More information of our ride is here. (This time Strava missed half of our ride.)

When we were in the middle of Cedar Rock Trail, my front brakes just fail apart.

Mountain Bike Repair Hack with a Safety Pin

The screw that was supposed hold the front brake pads together fail off. So we had to look for something else to hold the brake pads.

Nan's custom phone holderLuckily… if you have been following our Vlog, you might already know that… I made me a custom phone holder with a Buff neck wear and several safety pins.  So safety pins came really handy at that time!  Trent used a safety pin to temporary hold my brake pads together. It worked well and we could finish the whole ride we had planed to do!  However, we will not recommend anyone you use this safety pin hack has your long term use!

Safety Pin! Another item we can add to our Good-To-Have items for Trailside Mountain Bike Repair Hacks!

We finished our ride at 2 pm. We headed to The Hub to get all the bike parts I needed to repair my bike. Then we had our lunch/dinner at El Chapala.

Since the weather on that day was pretty warm, we sweated a lot. We went to take a shower at Davidson River Campground. We got there at 5.10 pm.  During winter which is considered a low season, they won’t have as many staff as they have in summer. We had to drop of our money in an envelope ($5/person for a shower) at the entrance.

On that night, the moon was so big and bright!  We headed back up to Blue Ridge Parkway to camp out.

Good productive day!


Sony Camera Settings:

1080p 60fps Wide Angle

Uploaded to YouTube as 1080P HD preset

Our Camera Gear:

Sony FDRX3000:

Sony AKA-MCP1 Multicoat Protector:

Tripod Adapter/4 pc Screw Adapter Set for Sony Cam:

Custom Made Wind Muff/Fake Beard ($5):


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