We finally bought a VAN!

It had been quite some time and we finally found the right vehicle for us!

Saturday June 27, 2020

I had always been dreaming of living a “van life”, and yes… I’m one of those! I also had been waiting for a long time and never knew for sure it would happen, which has always been a theme of my life.

Life During Covid-19 Pandemic

With Covid-19 pandemic that is currently going on, so many things have changed in our lives. First, Trent and I had been working from home everyday since the end of March 2020.

Second, my plan to visit my family in my home country, Thailand, had to be postponed to … hmmm… I don’t even know until when. Then our trip to go to Durango, CO has been cancelled due to this pandemic.

Third, we had been pretty cooped up with the current “staying at home” situation. We are totally on-board with physical distancing or social distancing to keep all of us safe… But we are also on board with keeping ourselves in shape and keeping on doing physical exercise…. outside when possible. The sun light and fresh air are as important and staying away for germs to keep us healthy. Having this new van conversion project to keep us busy during this time is not a bad idea either. Anyway, that is what we believe to keep us healthy and to keep us staying sane and not trying to kill each other during our staying at home 24/7 time.

With at least all of these 3 main reasons PLUS that we finally found the van both of us liked at the right price, we decided to go for it!

We came to the dealership in Jackson, GA with our masks on the day before to check on the vehicle. And both of us and Tsali, who was patiently waiting mostly in the car, liked the van very much. Therefore, we decided to come back home to get the down payment ready and figure out the insurance of this vehicle before coming back again.

So We Bought the Van on that Saturday! We can’t even be more excited… and nervous!

We came back to the dealership… yes, with our masks, and with our down payment to sign the paperwork, and hope that we could drive this baby back home on the same day. BUT NOoooooo!

Since we had to transfer our money from our saving account to a checking account between 2 different banks, the money won’t be available to the checking account soon enough for our down payment check to be cleared on the same day. So…. What a bummer.!… We had to wait!

We waited patiently until the money had finally moved to the account and the check was cleared to really get out baby!

Thursday July 2, 2020

It took the dealership quite sometime to deliver our van even after the deposit check was clear. They were slim on their drivers to deliver the van to us. In the morning of that day, they finally delivered our van! They also took care of the van for us and did the oil change on the van for us before delivering it. Nice job!

Meet our Vanna White!

(Note: Of course, Trent was the one that came up with the name 🤣…. I will let it stay until we come up with a better name.)

We are a happy family with our new Promaster Van
Exterior of Ram 2019 Promaster Cargo Van 136 Wheelbase

She was a lightly used 2019 Pro Master 1500 Cargo Van High Roof with 136″ wheelbase. When we met her, she had already traveled for 9k miles. It was a love at first sight for us. She looked perfect and soo soo brand new. She was exactly what we were hoping for.

2019 Promaster Van Cockpit
2019 Ram Promaster interior
Tsali standing in our Van - 2019 Promaster 136 wheelbase

We know that there is definitely an exciting journey ahead of us. And I (personally) know that there will be a lot of head budding between Trent and I to make this baby as perfect as we can. But whatever it is, I’m ready. There is no better time than now to start to live our lives the way we had been dreaming for.

Van Price:

Notes: Since we both had to finance some part of the cost, the total cost is a little higher than the total cost here. This price is pretty much what you will get if you pay for it in cash.

2019 Ram Promaster High Roof 136″ Wheelbase

Selling Price23,500.00
Dealer Fee696.00
Sales Tax1,595.75
Total Cost25,791.75

Life is always more fun and exciting when you are less expecting or less knowing what could happen. I’m thankful for what we have now and whatever it is ahead of us. Let the van conversion begin!

Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks. Life is happening NOW.

Paulo Coelho

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  1. Congratulations guys! I am very happy and excited for you! I am looking forward to live with you all the adventures that this baby will give you!!! Enjoy it!

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