Ozark Trail 52-Quart High-Performance Cooler

Instead of spending so much money buying a big name expensive cooler, we decided to go with a much cheaper one. It didn’t disappoint us.

Yes, it is a Walmart brand. We were questioning of its quality to begin with as well. However, we have found that Walmart has been improving the quality of their outdoor gear.  Some of the products (like headlamps, camping stove) are cheap but it does hold it value with its usage. We feel that the quality of the product exceeds its price for this one. Not bad Walmart!

We have had this cooler since 2016. It has been a great cooler for us. We only have to put 2 bags of ice to have it stay cool for the whole weekend. Even after we come back home, we still have a lot of ice left in there.

There is also a little trick we have to keep it stay cool so much longer. We use a rubber plug to plug in inside the drainage hole of the cooler. You can get this rubber plug from any handy man stores. It helps to keep your cooler stay so much cooler inside.

Plug additional plug in to keep it cooler.


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