One Day Mountain Biking in North Georgia at Bear Creek Trail, Pinhoti 1, and Pinhoti 2

The weather is not perfect this weekend? How about 1 day mountain biking trip in Ellijay GA.

Hurricane Nate was supposed to hit Atlanta on Sunday and we were supposed to have a lot of rains. So we decided to go to Ellijay, GA, which is not too far from Atlanta. We headed out from Atlanta on Friday around 9 pm. Daniel, our friend, was supposed to meet us in Ellijay.

We camped at Bear Creek Trail trailhead. There is a little campsite right by it. I slept in our car, a Honda Element. Trent and Daniel slept in hammocks at the campsite. This trip, we had Trent, Daniel, me (Nan), and 2 dogs (Tsali and Clue).

The Next Day (Saturday)

Since we had 2 cars, we decided to shuttle our car to have one car at the bottom of the mountain.  We started riding at the top of Bear Creek Trail around noon, getting on Pinhoti 1, and finishing the ride on Pinhoti 2. Then we had to do a little bit more gravel grinding back to Daniel’s car. We got to his car around 4.30 pm.

Bear Creek Trail + Pinhoti 1 + Pinhoti 2

Distance 16.7 mi,  Elevation 1,626 ft, Moving Time: 2:17:28, Calories: 736, Elapsed Time: 4:12:10

More information of our ride is here. And if you want, you can follow Trent’s Strava too!

Clue was still a puppy. When he was tired, he just stopped following. So we had to spend some time waiting for him making sure that he didn’t get too tired. The weather was pretty humid on that day. However, we had a fun ride and an awesome day. It always feels like a great accomplishment when you can beat the weather to have some good riding before.

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