Mountain Biking in a Day at Allatoona Creek Park, Georgia

Looking for a mountain biking trail in Georgia with both beginner and advanced options?

So Trent was on-call this weekend, and we happened to start out our weekend a little late.  We left home around 11.30 am on Saturday heading to Allatoona Creek Park. They had recently added more new features and trails at the park, so we wanted to check that out.  We got to the park at 12.40 pm.

There was an event on that day, so there were a lot of people at the parking area. We made a quick lunch (of course sandwiches again: quick and easy!) and met with our friends there.

We couldn’t let Tsali (our dog) to go biking with us this time. Since he had been running with us so much, we just wanted to make sure that his paws were in great shape before running him again.

We started off on Turtleback Trail and about half way thru we hit an off-shoot trail that takes you to a skills area.  It was still a work in progress. But here you’ll find jump lines you can practice on, groomed table top jump lines, a progressive drop line, and a pump track.  After that we continued on Turtleback.

Then we went onto Red Baron which is a short lollipop loop that branches off of TurtlebackRed Baron is a bit more advanced than Turtleback. But there are alternate lines if you want to bypass the more advance trail sections. Once we finished up Red Baron, we dumped back into Turtleback. And we finished it back to the parking lot to check on Tsali.  It took us just around 1-2 hours.

Trent went out to do some more rides in the bike park area (the Medusa line).  It was the new addition to the park. On the last run he cased the final gap jump and broke a spoke on his rear wheel (i9 enduro 305)…When the spoke broke, it grabbed the rear derailleur cage and pulled it into the wheel marring almost every drive side spoke.

Therefore, with a toasted derailer and busted wheel, we had to change our weekend plan to be much shorter. We headed home to fix the bike instead.

What we think about Allatoona Creek Park:

We like the trail. Allatoona Creek has entry level to very advanced bike park style trails.

Many trails are good for kids, and beginners. Turtle Back trail is great for first time riders. While we didn’t get to hit every trail, what we did hit was miles of machine cut; flowy goodness with plenty of skill areas to test more advanced riders.

The bike park area is basically an asphalt road climb which takes you to various flow/drop/jump lines you can run.  The stakes are a little higher in this area so make sure you have the correct bike setup and are familiar with these types of trails.  When in doubt scout!

The location of the parking area is here:

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