Mountain Bike at Carvins Cove Trail System in Salem, Virginia

Looking for mountain bike trails not too far from Roanoke, VA? Carvins Cove Trail System offers beginner to expert mountain bike trail options.

Continued from Dec 26, 2017 – Biking on Mill Mountain Park in Roanoke, VA

Wednesday (Dec 27, 2017) – Mountain Bike at Carvins Cove Trail System | Salem, VA

Ice in Tsali's water bowl

It was still a pretty cold day for camping. The temperature was at 30°F (-1°C). We were camping around the AT trailhead (37.424638, -79.757284). Trent started a fire early to help us to stay warm while we’re making coffee and breakfast. The breakfast on that day was so good. I had oatmeal with fresh fruit and a veggie wrap. Even we’re camping, we’re trying to eat well. More than that, Trent is very good at cooking on the camp fire.

Oatmeal with Fresh Fruit

Veggie Stir Fry

Veggie Wrap

Making Coffee

We’re enjoying our time having our coffee and breakfast. Then it was the time to hit some trails!

Carvins Cove Quick Loop | Salem, VA

Distance 6.8 mi,  Elevation 626 ft, Moving Time: 57.57, Energy Output: 248, Elapsed Time: 1:25:04

Carvin Cove Quick Loop on Strava

More information of our ride is here. And if you want, you can follow Trent’s Strava too!

The trailhead area was well maintained. There was a restroom, work stand for a bike, and a bike pump at the trailhead. However, it is not free to ride here. You have to pay $3/person and keep the pass with you on the trail. The park hours here is from 6 am – 11 pm, which is super nice. You can come here for a night ride too!

Carvins Cove Trailhead

Pay to ride at Carvins Cove

Restrooms at Carvins Cove

Bike Work Stand, and Bike Pump

Park Hours at Carvins Cove

We started our ride at 3 pm. Since we didn’t have much time before the sun went down, we decided to do a quick loop with a hope that we could come back to explore more trails later. We started off on Hi Dee Ho Trail. However, it was just a small section of Hi Dee Ho that we did before we went on Four Gorge Trail. After that we rode on Tuck-a-way Trail and got back on Carvins Cove road to come back to the trailhead. If you’re not looking for advanced features or technical sections, this loop that we did will be good for you.

Dinner at Wonju Korean Restaurant

I was so surprised to see a Korean Restaurant in Roanoke. (And I found out later that there are actually a lot of Asian restaurants in Roanoke, VA.) I was so happy. The food here at Wonju Korean Restaurant was very good. They provided you many side dishes to go with your main course. It was so nice to be able to have some spicy and hot soup to eat when it was so cold outside!

Wonju Korean Restaurant

Food at Wonju

Since we had been out camping in the cold for 4 days, we decided to stay at a hotel (Holiday Inn Express in Salem, Virginia) for a night to have some good rest, do some laundry, and have a nice shower!

Continued Christmas Trip – Dec 28 at McAfee knob

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