Coldwater Mountain Mountain Bike Trail in Anniston, Alabama

Alabama has some awesome mountain bike trails!

This weekend we stayed in Atlanta. On Saturday, we rode at Olde Rope Mill Park.  But today (Sunday) we headed to Coldwater Mountain Mountain Bike Trail in Anniston, Alabama.  I had never been on this trail before but Trent and Tsali had.

We left Atlanta around noon and got to Coldwater trailhead at 1.20 pm.  Just one thing to remind you, Alabama is in a different timezone (from Atlanta) and it is 1 hour behind. If you check your time from your phone (like us), you need to know that whenever you cross back to Atlanta you will lose 1 hour.

Weather was perfect on that day (sunny and at 54℉). There were a lot of leaves on the trails. On some sections, it was hard to see if there were any rocks or roots beneath them. I fail once and almost fail a couple of times. The trail reminds me of Raccoon Mountain Trail in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  There are a lot of technical sections, a lot of uphills, and yes fun downhills.

Coldwater Mountain Mountain Bike Trail in Anniston Alabama

Distance 10.1 mi,  Elevation 805 ft, Moving Time: 1:43:28, Energy Output: 435, Elapsed Time: 2:41:50

Coldwater Mountain on Strava

More information of our ride is here. And if you want, you can follow Trent’s Strava too!

We finished our ride around 4 pm. On the way back, I looked on Yelp to find restaurant we could stop for dinner. We stopped at Taste of Thai in Douglasville, GA. They have a lot of vegetarian options and the food was great!


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