Bomb Dog Kind of Day at Coldwater Mountain, Anniston Alabama

This was my second time riding Bomb Dog, but we included extra miles by adding Talladega, and Chilhowee trails to the ride. Such a fun and rewarding ride!

Saturday March 9, 2019

We started our day early on that day even Trent had to spend some time getting our car’s battery jumped in the morning. We got to Coldwater Trailhead around 9 am. (Note: This is a different trailhead than Anniston Trailhead the trailhead we started at the weekend before.)

This time we had Daniel, Jeremy, Mike, and Marcus riding with us. For the dog crew, we had Tsali, and Clu joining us. Our main goal on that day was to ride Bomb Dog trail but we tweaked our plan a bit after we had finished climbing up on Cassidy trail. We wanted to do more, so we added Talladega and Chilhowee trails into our loop.

Our ride on Map

Baby Bear, Upper Momma Bear, and Upper Papa Bear

It was a pretty easy ride on this 3 trails. They are easy trails that you can definitely ride with your kids. The trail is smooth and pretty flat. However, there are some features on the trail that you also can hop on and have more fun.

Baby Bear Trail

Cassidy Trail

On this trail, you will be doing a lot of steady climbing. Nothing too crazy but you will be burning a lot of energy on doing this section of cardio workout. Then you will come to a trail intersection. We took a break here quite some time and also let our dogs swim at a bog near by. Mike suggested us a great idea that we probably should add more miles and do a bigger loop. And we did. Instead of continuing on Cassidy, we took the left trail to go on Talladega trail.

Cassidy Trail


On this trail, it was more rocky and a lot of climbing at the beginning. After you have pay your troll toll to your mountain biking god, another half of that section of Talladega is more flowy with up and down hills. The rock feature on the side of the trail was really cool and pretty.

Talladega Trail
Telladega Trail


Chilhowee is a fun trail and a little bit less rocky, and less climbing than Talladega. Almost at the end of this trail, you have to start climbing back a bit to the top to get to Rock Slot Trail.

Chilhowee Trail

Rock Slot

Oh yes, this trail! The rock feature on the top of this trail is really neat and riding on it is super fun. If you like challenges, you probably can spend some time on this section of the trail and try to ride on it on different lines. For me, ha… riding my normal line through it was awesome enough and I was already so proud. After that section, it is all fun down hill from there to Bomb Dog.

Rock Slot Trail
Rock Slot Trail

Bomb Dog

Bomb Dog trail has a good place in our hearts. The trail was named after Deputy Floyd. He was a Calhound County Sheriff’s Office first bomb dog. His tombstone is on the side of the trail. Tsali and Clu got a chance to pay respect to him. Then we continued our fun ride going down on Bomb Dog trail.

Us on Bomb Dog Trail
Bomb Dog Trail
Bomb Dog Trail
Bomb Dog Trail
Bomb Dog Trail

When we got to the intersection with Chilhowee, we went out of our main loop a little bit to stop by at a waterfall to let our dogs cool down and drink some water. (You can see it from our Strava Map below.)

Want to do this loop? Here is the info.

Bomb Dog Big Loop

Distance 13.54 mi,  Elevation 1,481 ft, Moving Time: 1:59:47, Energy Output: 543, Elapsed Time: 3:51:25

More information of this ride is here. And if you want, you can follow Trent’s Strava too!

Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend… Never owned a dog.

Unknown but Nan agreed!

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