Coming to the United States has always been one of Nan’s childhood dreams.

Nan and SpicerAfter her graduation with micro-biology major, Nan worked as a pharmaceutical sale representative for several years in Bangkok, Thailand.

There was always a drive in her that pushed her to go for more, and to see more.

Nan first came to the United States in 2005 for her Master of Management Information System in Georgia.

Since then the United States has been her second “home”.

Atlanta, Georgia

Nan works as a full time Systems Support Engineer and lives in Atlanta, GA. Her passions are still the same; exploring new places, new adventures, and photography.

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On August 10, 2016, she discovered that she had a stage 1 breast cancer. So much has changed from there.

It was an eye opening moment for her. She started to try to eliminate all toxic lifestyles. Now she appreciates more on a better quality of life, spending more time with her love ones, and good real organic food.

After a lot of intense research and reading, she did the unthinkable (especially for her). She started to adopt a plan-based diet and Gerson Therapy practice (as much as she can with her current lifestyle) in September 2016. Everyday, she prepares good fresh organic juices for Trent and her throughout the day.

Her favorite motto is “Live life like it’s your last day.”

Left: Organic carrots and apples for juicing, Right: Nan and Tsali